Specialty Vehicle Financing Through SVC

Financing for MSV's vehicles can be acquired through Specialty Vehicle Capital (SVC), which brings nearly 30 years of equipment funding and sales experience to the specialty vehicle industry. SVC serves as your trusted partner and consultant by listening to the needs and goals of your business to effectively navigate you through the financing process to the best solution available.

specialty vehicle financing through SVC

Loan and Leasing Options

SVC provides financing options for all types of specialty transportation equipment nationwide including coaches, shuttles, buses, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, specialty trailers, and more.


  • Traditional financing of a vehicle with a monthly payment that includes interest.

  • Loan terms vary from 12-120 months.

TRAC Leases

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet.

  • Lower rates are available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor.

  • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at the end of the lease.

Municipal Financing

  • Tax exempt

  • Low rates

  • Up to 15 year terms

  • Annual advance or arrears available

  • Monthly or quarterly payments also available

Walk Away Leases

  • Equipment is provided; lessee operates vehicle

  • Vehicles arrive licensed and with DOT stickers

  • Delivery available

  • Flexible terms allow for weekly and/or monthly commitments