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Boost your employees' efficiency and satisfaction with a customized commercial van shelving and storage solution.

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Customized Commercial Van Shelving and Storage

One-size does not fit all when it comes to integrating efficient, light-weight, and affordable storage equipment inside your specialty vehicle. Partner with MSV to develop a customized solution that speeds up employee productivity and reduces lost time with the help of the latest commercial van storage products:

  • Partskeeper Organizer Carry Case
  • Refrigerant Rack For Cargo Vans, Square Back Unit
  • Adjustable 2 Level Bottle Restraint For Cargo Vans
  • Refrigerant Rack For HVAC Vans, Horizontal
  • Partskeeper Organizer Storage Cabinet + 4 Carry Cases
  • Partskeeper Organizer Storage Cabinet
  • Partskeeper Organizer Storage Cabinet + 5 Carry Cases
  • Partskeeper Organizer Floor Mount Kit

Points to Consider for Van Shelving and Storage

Look for composite, durable, and lightweight materials that will stand the test of time

Consider how much weight you’ll be carrying when choosing materials

Companies with larger fleets should consider lighter weight materials like aluminum to save on fuel costs

A rack and bin solution can be a major investment, so it should come with a sufficient warranty.

Avoid “one size fits all” implementations as they may limit the effectiveness of your rack and bin solution

Focus on durability, adjustability, safety, and warranty coverage when choosing a solution