Food Service & Vending

Streamline transportation for your food service or delivery business with custom catering vans manufactured by MSV.

MSV Specializes In Custom Vending and Catering Vans

Driven by evolving technology and consumer preferences, home food delivery services have exploded in popularity, and even more so recently due to the impacts of COVID-19. As the country recovers from the pandemic, demand for event-related catering services is also expected to increase dramatically, and MSV stands ready to equip food delivery companies with customized vending and catering vans to drive their businesses forward.

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The Complete Food Delivery Transportation Solution

Gain service flexibility with a multi-purpose catering van that can safely and efficiently transport a combination of food, employees, and equipment.

Clean and maintain your vehicle with ease thanks to easy-to-clean interior flooring and stainless steel storage solutions.

Reduce fuel expenses and maintenance costs by using a vehicle that is custom designed to meet your most critical needs and eliminate wasted space and weight.

Protect passengers and equipment with modern safety features such as steel roll cages, anti-lock braking systems, backup alarms, and other driver assistance features.

Securely transport food items utilizing customized food storage solutions, including stainless steel meal boxes, shelving, and slide-out trays.

Combine both hot and cold food items within the same vehicle with independent heating and cooling systems capable of sub-zero cold and 190+ degree hot storage.

Market your business while on the go using colorful branding graphics, vehicle wraps, and marketing verbiage.

Extend the life of your vending van by enrolling in ongoing service and maintenance check-ups provided by MSV.

Common Uses for Our Customized Catering Vans

  • Special event catering
  • Home meal delivery
  • Vending & distribution
  • Grocery delivery

Popular Features for Catering Companies

Our commercial van upfitters will closely partner with you to determine the ideal combination of features to include on your catering conversion van to meet all of your expectations for safety, function, performance, comfort, and convenience:

  • Stainless Steel Food Storage
  • V6 Engine With Automatic Transmission
  • Independent Heating And Cooling Systems
  • Flexible Seating Configurations
  • Extend Wheelbase And Roof-Height Options
  • Alfo™ Aluminum Flooring System
  • Heavy-Duty Partitions
  • Full Height Cargo Areas
  • Onboard Wifi And Power Access