Non-Emergency Medical

MSV’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) vehicles help medical providers and senior living communities across the country provide accessible transportation to patients and residents.

Safe, Reliable, and Accessible Transportation for Patients

The demand for non-emergency medical transport vehicles has steadily increased over the last decade as the U.S. “baby boomer” generation continues to age. To meet this need, MSV has refined our NEMT van upfitting capabilities, acquiring the tools, knowledge, and experience to provide patients with transportation solutions featuring an unmatched combination of safety, reliability, and accessibility.

Complete NEMT Solutions

Easily transport able-bodied, ambulatory, and wheelchair passengers with large interiors, extra-wide ramps, and flexible seating configurations that can be easily folded/removed.

Simplify loading and unloading of disabled passengers with a rear-entry system that is especially advantageous in narrow driveways, front entrance turn-around lanes, and non-accessible parking spaces.

Help patients and residents reduce their reliance on friends, family, and public transportation for critical transportation needs.

Securely transport patients horizontally and restrained with a fully ADA-compliant and crash-tested vehicle.

Get longer life out of your vehicles with a customized van from MSV that is built to withstand the consistent entry and exit of stretchers, wheelchairs, and other heavy equipment.

Boost efficiency and comfortability with a vehicle that is custom designed to meet your preferred specifications for seating capacity, layout, wheelchair access, occupancy, wheelbase, flooring, and more.

Reduce fuel costs with a vehicle that is custom designed to eliminate unneeded space and weight, and also utilizes a more fuel-efficient V6 engine.

Better solve the challenges that so many patients face in acquiring reliable transportation for essential services and appointments. These challenges lead to nearly 3.5 million missed medical appointments per year.

Common Uses for Our NEMT Vehicles

  • Physician appointments
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • Dental appointments
  • Errands & Routine Tasks

Popular Vehicles and Features for Medical Providers

MSV’s non-emergency medical transportation solutions are developed using vehicles from the most respected OEM’s in the industry, utilizing a diverse list of models that can be customized with a seemingly endless variety of amenities and specialty features.

Full-size transport vehicles include Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, and Mercedes-Benz sprinter models, and our smaller minivan solutions make use of Dodge Grand Caravans, Ford Transit Connects, Mercedes-Benz Metris WAVs, and Toyota Siennas.

Your selected base vehicle can be customized with the latest NEMT technology and features available including top-rated BraunAbility wheelchair lifts and ramps, rear or side-entry access, custom flooring, multiple seating configurations, and much more.

  • BraunAbility Wheelchair Lift
  • Superwide Rear-Entry Ramps
  • Reinforced Tubular Lowered Floor
  • Driver Assistance Features
  • Vehicle Length & Roof Height Options
  • Wheelchair & Ambulatory Passenger Capacity