Mobile Office

Handle your on-the-road business more efficiently than ever before with a customized mobile office van from Master’s Specialty Vehicles.

MSV Specializes In Mobile Office Vans and Command Centers

Technological innovation is connecting economies at a rapid rate, driving the demand for flexible and efficient transportation solutions that allow businesses to conduct operations 24/7 - even when on the road.

In response, MSV partners with companies across the country in manufacturing mobile office vans and command centers that are custom-tailored to unique specifications, ensuring that both productivity and customer satisfaction stay in high-gear.

mobile office van with graphics

Complete Mobile Office Solutions

Efficiently conduct your business from anywhere with a workspace that is mobile and contains the same critical tools and equipment from your brick and mortar office.

Expand your business to new markets with the ability to effectively offer products and services on the road.

Broaden brand awareness with the incorporation of vehicle graphics, logos, and marketing messages – essentially allowing your mobile office van to serve as a mobile billboard.

Streamline your mobile operations with the inclusion of technical innovations such as flat screen televisions, onboard wifi capabilities, power connectivity, computer workstations, and more.

Improve return on investment by designing a customized vehicle that contains only the critical features you need.

Avoid downtime and repairs with a mobile office that is designed for durability and can withstand high mileage road trips and the constant entry/exit of heavy equipment.

Offer clients and VIPs a luxurious experience with the incorporation of features like televisions, iPad controls, premium sound systems, and reclining leather seats.

Design a vehicle that accommodates unique requirements with extended wheelbase, roof height, storage, and seating configuration options.

Common Uses for Our Customized Mobile Office Vans

  • Travel Between Offices
  • Special Event Stationing
  • Temporary Office
  • Pop-Up Shops
  • Mobile Marketing

Popular Vehicles and Features for Mobile Businesses

mobile command center vehicle

Your custom mobile office conversion is created by upfitting one of several high-quality van or bus models from the most respected OEM’s in the specialty vehicle industry. Our larger solutions make use of Freightliner commercial buses, and smaller implementations are designed using Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans.

Once your original equipment is selected we’ll partner closely with you to determine the ideal combination of features to include in order to satisfy your needs for safety, function, performance, comfort, and convenience. From law enforcement surveillance vehicles to special event stations, MSV stands ready to implement your project with state-of-the-art features that will help you successfully extend your business to anywhere the road will take you.

  • Flexible seating configurations
  • Extend wheelbase and roof-height options
  • Vehicle branding and graphics
  • Industry-specific equipment and technology
  • Onboard wifi and power capabilities