Law Enforcement

MSV serves as law enforcement’s trusted partner for customized police transport vans, prisoner transport vehicles, and mobile command centers.

MSV's Police Transport Vans Are Safe, Secure, and Versatile

From police units to border patrol agents, law enforcement teams across the country have come to rely on our specialty vehicle upfitters for a wide range of customized law enforcement vehicles that offer the latest features in vehicle security, safety, and versatility.

custom police transport vans for sale

Complete Law Enforcement Transportation Solutions

Prevent vehicle theft with modern anti-theft systems that automatically engage once a vehicle is placed in park.

Improve service delivery outcomes by utilizing vehicles that reliably facilitate adherence to safety policies and procedures.

Protect officers and agents with state-of-the-art vehicle safety and containment features that keep personnel properly separated from prisoners and detainees.

Streamline daily operations for specialized units by providing customized storage solutions for tactical equipment, weaponry, and ammunition.

Effectively patrol the border by seamlessly incorporating surveillance equipment and detainment features into your vehicle.

Maximize space utilization and reduce fuel expenses by designing a vehicle that is manufactured to your unique specifications and requirements.

Solve the logistical challenges that come with moving prisoners safely between sites throughout the criminal justice system with a vehicle customized to your unique requirements.

Allow your vehicle to adapt to changing needs over time thanks to multiple configuration options and modular seating.

Common Uses for Our Law Enforcement Specialty Vehicles

  • Suspect Apprehension
  • Inmate Transfer
  • Border Detainment
  • Prisoner Transport
  • SWAT and Bomb Response

Popular Features for Police and Border Patrol

For obvious reasons, law enforcement vehicles often require the most specialized features and equipment available - a challenge which MSV eagerly accepts.

Our upfitting process begins with vehicles produced by the most respected OEM names in commercial transportation including Ford Transit, Executive Coach, Freightliner, and more. We then build upon this reliable foundation with the modern features your team requires, whether it be prisoner containment areas, bullet-proof glass, video surveillance equipment, weaponry storage, or any other specialized feature that equips your team for the task at hand.

  • Security Partitions
  • Electronic Door Lock Systems
  • ADA Compliance Features
  • Waterless Bathrooms
  • Weaponry/Ammo Storage
  • Emergency Lighting
  • TREMCO Anti-Theft Systems
  • Multiple Entry Points